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Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Yes, is revolutionary tool for Blogspot.  Thanks to this company,, and to for actually helping us to enjoy writing here while taking time out to listen to sound tracks and view animation, while the rain pours outside along with thunder and lightning.  Also, and while contemplating which online product or products will be chosen.  

Animation is always better with music so please push the arrow on the radio.  Music will change from week to week.  Now sit back and listen to the music while it storms.

But, sometimes when lightning strikes and thunder bellows, it is not always outside in the rain as you will see.   


It may even make you want to dance?  Get down with it.

"Gimme my money back"! You old man..."You said we'd go to Paris, but, you are too scared to fly"!!!...this is no where's close to what I had in mind...I don't really think this is what I a matter of fact this is no where close to what I had in mind". 

"Gimme my money back"!!...You said, you'd take me fishing but you won't EVEN touch the bait".... I got what you are saying, but, you don't think like me!

 "Gimme my money back"!!!.. Don't really think it's what I wanted". (lyrics and song by Love Carter)

Cute song, but does this reflect you and yours? Decisions, Decisions.  You can make good ones here! Why?  Because after the rain, there is a  rainbow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Monday, October 5, 2015

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